Wine List

White Wine 175ml | 250ml | Bottle

Trebbiano IGT Rubicone Rometta | 5.40 | 7.30 | 21.50
Emilia Romagna | Italy
(Our fresh, dry house wine pairs well with salads and light pasta dishes)

Ql Vinho Verde Quinta Da Lixa | 5.80 | 7.70 | 23.00
Vinho Verde | Portugal
(Fancy something a bit different? Vinho Verde is a light youthful wine with
a fine natural spritz. At only 10.5% abv, this interesting, refreshing wine is
perfect for lazy summers day drinking)

Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie IGT Sartori |  6.40 | 8.60 | 25.50
Veneto | Italy
(This ever-popular grape accounts for every 1 in 10 bottles of wine sold in
the UK today. A great all-rounder and crowd pleaser)

Cortese Amonte Volpi | 6.70 | 8.90 | 26.50
Piemonte | Italy
(Cortese is the grape of Gavi and here gives the trademark mineral,
citrussy freshness of the variety. An ideal aperitif and great with oily fish
adding a squeeze of lemon to refresh the palate)

Reserve Chardonnay Tooma River | 6.10 | 8.20 | 24.50
South Eastern Australia | Australia
(Chardonnay thrives in the warm and sun kissed Australian vineyard,
delivering an unmistakably vibrant and fruit driven style with balanced oak.
Matches well with creamier dishes)

Leduc Viognier | 7.20 | 9.60 | 28.50
Pays D’Oc | France
(Viognier lovers adore the full-bodied, floral and ripe-fruited characteristics
that makes these wines so distinctive.  Simply lovely)

Frost Pocket, Sauvignon Blanc | 8.00 | 10.60 | 31.50
Marlborough | New Zealand
(This eco-friendly winery has miniature sheep that roam the wineries vineyards as natures lawn-mowers,
whilst naturally fertilising the land.  These knee-high cuties are too small to reach the grapes!
Sensational Suavignon Blanc and sublime with goats cheese.)

Sancerre “La Terre Des Anges”, Domaine Laporte | 42.50
Loire | France
(Textbook Sancerre made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc.  Elegant and lean with lingering minerality)

                 Dessert Wine  50ml | 100ml

                             Sauternes Les Garonelles, Lucien Lurton  3.00 | 5.00

Red Wine 175ML | 250ML | Bottle

Sangiovese IGT Rubicone Rometta | 5.40| 7.30 | 21.50
Emilia Romagna | Italy
(Our house red from the Emilia-Romagna region made from the famous
grape of Chianti. A soft supple style ideal for lunchtime drinking at only
12% abv)

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Doc Colle Sori, Botter Spa | 5.90 | 7.90 | 23.50
Tuscany | Italy
(A great match for Pizza, a popular authentic and rustic red, hailing from
Italy’s Abruzzo region)

SHIRAZ, TOOMA RIVER  |    6.10 | 8.20 | 24.50

South Eastern Australia

(Shiraz, also known as Syrah, is known for it’s juicy reds packed with berries and spice of which this is a great example. A perfect partner to red meat)

Negroamaro Primitivo IGT Salento, Baccanera | 7.00 | 9.20 | 27.50
Puglia | Italy
(Legend has it the ancient Primitivo grape was drunk at The Last Supper.
Currently soaring in popularity, it is a great match to tomato based pasta
dishes and spicy food)

Château Laulerie Merlot Bergerac, Vignoble Dubard | 7.50 | 9.80 | 29.00
South West France | France
(A beautiful example of this ever-popular grape, with far more character
and class than your average Merlot. A great crowd pleaser matching all
manner of cuisine)

Melodias Malbec, Trapiche | 7.20 | 9.60 | 28.50
Mendoza | Argentina
(From the noted Mendoza region, the home of the incredibly popular
Malbec varietal, this spicy red is a must with steak)

Pinot Noir, Les Mougeottes | 7.70 | 9.90 | 29.50
Pays D’Oc | France
(The famous red grape of Burgundy produces some of the finest wines in the world.
A complex medium-bodied wine)

Chianti Riserva DOCG Castellani | 7.90 | 10.30 | 30.50
Tuscany | Italy
(Chianti elevated to a much higher level made with much stricter regula-
tions and a minimum 2 years in oak cask before release. This fabulous and
truly authentic taste of Italy will compliment your Lasagne perfectly)

Amarone Della Valpolicella, DOCG, Arco Dei Giovi | 49.00
Veneto | Italy
(Amarone is the finest expression of the red wine, Valpolicella, which hails
exclusively from the Veneto in Northern Italy. The Rondinella, Corvina
and Molinara grapes are dried in the winemaking process to produce a
concentrated wine of great class)

Rosé Wine 175ML | 250ML | Bottle

Pinot Grigio Blush, Il Sospiro | 6.10 | 8.20 | 24.50
Veneto | Italy
(A pink wine from a white grape? Pinot Grigio skins turn pink when fully
ripe giving the wine it’s blush coloration. A dry refreshing Rosé)

Pretty Gorgeous Rosé, Igp Pays D’Oc | 6.70 | 8.90 | 26.50
Languedoc-Roussillon | France
(For those who like a sweeter style of Rosé, a delightful summery Rosé
hailing from the Languedoc area of France)

Côtes De Provence Rosé, Domaine De L’Amour | 8.30 | 10.90 | 32.50
Provence | France
(Sit back and pretend you are in St Tropez with this
stunning Provence Rosé.  Dry and beautifully elegant)

Sparkling Wine | 125ml | Bottle

Prosecco 200ml Mini Bottle | 9.50
Veneto | Italy

Prosecco Quadri Extra Dry, Botter NV | 7.20 | 29.00
Veneto | Italy

House Champagne NV | 9.70  | 48.00
Champagne | France

Laurent Perrier, La Cuvée NV | 70.00
Champagne | France

All wines served by the glass are available in 125ml measures on request. If any of the wines are not available, a suitable alternative will be offered.



Hawkstone premium Lager 330ml | £5.00

Diddly Squats home grown lager produced in the village, bold yet balanced with a smooth body

Peroni 330ml | £4.75

Poretti Italian | £3.15/£6.25

Full Flavoured Italian Draught Lager 4.8% abv

Peroni Gluten Free Lager 330ml | £4.75

Lucky Saint Alcohol Free Lager 330ml | £4.25


Chadlington Oxford Pale Ale 500ml | £5.50

Light in colour, clean, crisp and a refreshingly fruity blond!

Donnington Cotswold Gold 500ml | £5.50

Classic golden ale with citrus flavours followed by a malty aftertaste

Hook Norton Old Hooky 500ml | £5.50

Darker and beautifully balanced, fruity ale with well – rounded body (Hook Norton)

Butcombe Goram IPA 500ml | £5.50

Fruit and citrus notes, strong and big flavoured

Guinness | £5.50


Hawkstone Cider 5% 500ml | £5.50

Jeremy Clarkson’s cider made from local apples, champagne yeast and matured for 6 months

Pearson’s Medium 4.8% 500ml | £5.50

Gentle sweetness compliments the bittersweet Katy apples making this beautifully easy drinking (Moreton-in-Marsh)

Benson’s Raspberry and Lime 4% 500ml | £5.50

British apples, juicy raspberries and zesty lime create a refreshing real fruit cider, produced up the road!

Once Upon a Tree, Blackberry 4% 500ml | £5.50

Classic cider apple varieties fermented slowly with blackberry juice to create this delicious, medium sweet fruit cider (Ledbury)



Wood Bros Vodka | £5.50/£9.50

Local, single estate vodka that’s pure, creamy and sweet on the nose with hints of warm vanilla and toffee (Burford)

Black Cow Vodka | £5.50/£9.50

World’s first pure milk vodka, super smooth

Black Cow and English Strawberries Vodka | £5.50/£9.50

Fresh, light vodka with the unmistakeable taste of freshly picked strawberries

Blacklion Vodka | £5.50/9.50

UK’s rarest sheep’s milk vodka, full bodied with a crisp, clean, silky smooth finish


Cotswold Single Malt | 5.50/9.50

Notes of honey and butterscotch layered with fruits and a hint of marzipan to finish (Stourton)

Cotswolds Founder’s Choice | 5.75/9.75

Cask strength (60.9% ABV) rich, full flavoured single malt with notes of dark chocolate, cherries, dried figs and oak spice (Stourton)

Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch | 5.50/9.50

Made up of Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie single malts, smooth creamy, nose of marmalade and winter spice

Jameson Whiskey | 5.25/9.25

Bell’s Whiskey | 5.25/9.25


Burning Barn Smoked Rum | 5.50/9.50

Cold smoked over apple wood, intensely smoky with hints of apple and burnt treacle

Wildjac Cherry Wood Spiced Rum | 5.50/9.50

Warm oak with sweet cherry spice, smooth vanilla and fruit, made in Worcestershire

Captain Morgan Spiced or Dark Rum | 5.50/9.50

Bacardi White Rum | 5.50/9.50


Please see our Craft Gin menu for a full selection of the Gins we have available.


We have a wide range of soft drinks including Fever Tree mixers and a variety of juice from the family run business Benson’s who produce outstanding English juices up the road at Sherborne Farm.

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